Shop By Faith is an online global marketplace for customers to discover faith-based brands, businesses and creative entrepreneurs from around the world all in one place.


Our vision and goals for the future are simple:

1. To create an online marketplace to strengthen the Christian community worldwide

2. Offer the option to search and shop multiple brands at once

3. Allow customers to pay with one checkout

The way you shop should be tailored to your convenience.
So now you can really Shop By Faith and by sight.  


Natasha Ferguson

Founder and CEO of Shop By Faith, Natasha is a specialist within digital and creative communications. With over six years experience working in journalism and a passion for serving the consumer, Natasha is also the Christian content creator and curator at 2BRealMagazine; a global online faith-based publication.

Her business advisory and experience with clients across the public, private and not for profit organisations have enriched her expertise on digital, social and creative content strategies in line with business objectives.